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tv   Piers Morgan Tonight  CNN  October 31, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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we will are be back in one hour from now. piers morgan starts right now. >> good evening. hundreds of thousands of people trying to fight their way onto buses. traffic is at a stand still. 1.7 million people without power in new york. storm that killed 56 people along the east coast. lining up outside the hospital evacuate 700 patients and the generators are under water and flames are raging through the shore town. mutual admiration between
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president obama and new jersey governor chris christie. this is what the president promised the victims. >> we are here for you. and we will not forget, we will follow up to make sure you get all of the help that you need until you rebuild. >> i've got to be able to reach across the aisle and get good democrats and good republican ares to work together. >> our special guest michael moore is here. tweet us tonight. we begin tonight live in manhattan's bridge tonight. jason, it is a rough time for many new yorkers tonight. it is a rough time for people on the east coast.
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it is almost two cities now. you have above 40th street and below 40th street. chaos. i had to walk here because it was complete gridlock. what can you tell me about when new york will be back on its feet? >> that is a question that a lot of people are asking. it is going to take a while before new york gets to what it used to be. today we witnessed thousands of people walking across the queensboro bridge. that is what we have been seeing throughout the day today. saw that as well. without subway service and train service. foot was the only way to do it. we had the buses running but that was a nightmare for some.
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actually just more than an hour ago as we were out here as a bus stop we witness ed a crush of people here. some of them had clearly lost their patients and there was swearing going on pushing and shoving and everyone who had been lined up again for hours -- >> tomorrowbati based on what t mayor is saying, things should look better. we are expected to see the long island railroad as well as on some subways. again, i say limited service. commuters can go online and check with the mta to find out which trains will be running in order to get into and out of the
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city. >> it is definitely a tale of two cities. the longer this goes on i'm sure many people will be feeling angry and concerned. it is time for authorities to relay that concern. great job as always. thank you very much. >> tonight hundreds of patients being evacuated including newborn kids a the power outage at the bellevue hospital. sanjay, it sounds like a pretty awful situation. nyu yesterday saying come on how can you not be ready for this. you were warned for a week this is going to be the big one. how are these generators why are they failing? >> well, let me put it to you like this. there are generators, this is
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bellevue behind me. it is clearly dark. i have never seen it quite like this before. they are spread throughout the hospital. what they need is fuel they need oil. that is often kept at lower levels. you don't keep it on the rooftops for example. there are pumps that pump that fuel to those generators. for example at bellevue, the back up generators are on the 13th and 12th floors. when the pumps failed as a result of the water coming into the basement areas, those pumps failed and people were having to carry fuel up 12 flights of stairs yesterday and created the buckets. you can try and in sue late the pumps as much as possible.
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water still got in and they found out today that the water got in today where it damaged the pumps. and that is why the evacuation occurred today. i think it is safe to say that the hospitals are doing an extraordinary job under was was extraordinary conditions. the workers down there are seeing a great job. again, i say why would you plan hospitals that are near water where you have a key part of the power system in the basement. it doesn't make any sense to me. >> yeah, you know, it has been widely discussed thing. you know, i don't fully know the answer to that. i know one of the things about putting fuel in certain places in the hospital. they want to put the fuel closer to the ground. pra transporting it up, they have
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encapsulated the pumps in containers that they tried to keep water resistant. but i talked to the guy who runs the show here. they said they thought they would hold. they thould the pumps would be safe. they weren't. as a result the generators failed. >> i will be talking myself to the president in a few minutes thank you very much. >> new york mayor corey booker, he is on the air every night. mr. mayor, welcome whaback. >> thank you. >> how are things in newark? we saw things with chris christie and barack obama in new jersey how are things where you are? >> the devastation in the southern parts of our state, demand our attention compassion and prayer.
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power is still out to half of our city. and you know we announced the number of fatalities and we had three now in our city. one was in the form of a drowning and two today young women who had a generator hooked up and died ofpoisoning. some of them are created by people using generators.
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>> very sad story. but on a positive note, newark airport is partially open today. >> you know, we are happy that it is open and there will be more and more activity. as we get the arteries open, we had the announcement that new jersey tran transit buses are going to be running. it will bring life into our community and give people hope. they are not as stranded as they have been. and again, we are a major transportation hub. and frankly, help people who are stranded here get to where they need to go. >> mayor booker you have joined us every night live.
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please, stay in touch with us over the next few days. >> thank you very much all the best to you. >> the catastrophic and the death toll rising. millions are in the dark without power. extraordinary situation that has never happened before. >> we have a general election next tuesday and almost nobody is talking about it. you were here i think when it hit on monday. where were you? >> um, i was in my apartment on the west side of manhattan here. and, our neighborhood didn't get blacked out, so, but, i did everything that everybody else did getting ready for it.
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actually, i was -- i sat through katrina. so i kind of have been through a little bit of this before. but this what happened here, i don't think we know the scope oist. >> i think you are right. >> this is why we need the news media to come in. we need fewer of the reporters standing in waist high water and more real reporting real news. what is really going on. >> i have heard that. i don't agree with you. when i see somebody standing there in atlantic city in the middle of the boardwalk in water, the point of him doing that, i believe, and i agree with it, is there anyone mad
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enough to think that they should be growing out for a stroll walking the dog and looking at that and say it what is wrong with you? >> i was watching it. and my first thought is why is cnn trying to kill ally? what did he do here? >> because it is a dram mastic image at how big this is. >> it does and it doesn't. i mean, if it saves one life isn't it worth it? >> well, yeah, but there is a lot of things that you can do on cnn to save lives. but you can do that on another show. there was a part of queens that burned down on monday night and people don't know about it while it was happening. which is kind of odd.
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there were 130 homes. >> 110 homes. well, i was anchoring this show from 9:00 until 10:00 and midnight until 1:00. and we weren't aware. >> why is that? >> there was so much going on. >> it was like an apocalypse during the night. >> we are in a condensed area and i guess i would have thought through with everybody with their cell phone cameras and whatever maybe there needs to be a better mechanism. for some time and there is a good thing it was shocking that
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it happened. >> it was a chaotic night. we'll come back and talk more about this odd through bromance sproutle out of this. believe it. i put away money. i was 21, so i said, "hmm, i want to retire at 55." and before you know it, i'm 58 years old.
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governor christie throughout this process has been aggressive in making sure that the state got out in front of this incredible storm.
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>> the blaze on monday night into tz tuesday morning we were one of the first networks to get it on the air. my point is that everything else is going on. >> that is not news. we covered that. it is an interesting debate. when a 14 foot surge comes over the water. here it comes. like this. why do you -- you put him in ac hour after hour after hour after hour with him being blown around by the wind. >> i think he was courageous to
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do what he did. he was tested for 12 hours showing you as we can see now how conditions were. >> we should have put it on air, that is not how news works. you have to react to what you hear about. we were one of the first people to report it. cnn collectively did a great job on the story. there are a lot less people in 2012 reporting the news than
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there were before. >> we couldn't guess where the fire would go. i think we are splitting hairs. let's move onto the extraordinary relationship between chris christie who spent the last year burying president obama now side-by-side we know why. but what did you make of this? did you buy it? >> well, i'm not a cynic. so, i think look, governor christie and president obama looked very concerned and sincere. >> are you skeptical? >> should we even ask that wh question? >> it was shocking to see governor christie over and over and over again heighten his love for president obama. >> if you are mitt romney there
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is your right-hand guy who has been hammering obama all year suddenly looking like he is his best friend. you are are voicing it from the storm this cannot help mitt romney can it? >> no. >> and the cynic would say would did mitt romney do in the past weeks to piss off chris christie. he didn't have to go the extra ten miles that he went. >> he said the president went the extra mile. i think he is a straight guy. i think he aa straight talker. i think he means it. >> i think he is very sincere. this is his home town absolutely devastated. i think he has thought stop the election this is about this and the president is going the extra
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mile for me. >> i saw the press conference and he pointed out how after irene a year ac the hurricane he put forward a bill in the new jersey ledge literature to change a 100 year old law that when utilities are down they are fined $100 a day. he wanted that changed to $100,000 a day to tell the utilities to upgrade your infra structure and use your profits to do a better job and i thought wow he was saying that. >> i think people who have been respectful of the difficult job that the authorities have had. and i think all the mayors from bloomberg to cory booker have done a terrific job. however, there will be a tipping
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point for people. this could impact for people. you could say today would affect the president. you could say by next tuesday, you could get a protest vote could bt you? >> i think we have a president and believe me after the eight years before this president, one bumbling mistake after another and that is being kind to have a president who is inintelligent and who is proactive and who was very sincere that he did here today, i can people feel more security with barack obama in the white house when we have something like this happen. we know he is going to take the reign and get something done. i'm not trying to make a statement on how that helps him in the election. it helps us to have someone in
6:25 pm
the white house who isn't going to screw around and who is going to do the job we put him here to do. >> let's take a break and come back and talk about the crisis in the hospital. i feel angry about this. i'm surprised that more people don't. unacceptable. everyone in the nicu, all the nurses wanted to watch him when he was there 118 days. everything that you thought was important to you changes in light of having a child that needs you every moment.
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thank you for joining me. good evening piers. i find it quite shameful that two of new york's major hospitals have suffered complete power outages given the fact that hurricane irene have threatened there must be an ongoing threat. it took a week to prepare that
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it was the biggest storm new york would see. bellevue hospital has for emergency generators on an upper floor that kicked into power thep hospital. this is an unprecedented storm. bases on a projection from the national hurricane center. the storm surge projections at their highest level would not have threatened our hospital which sits at a higher elevation on the same block that lost total power. the issue was our ability to sustain a huge complex to a level one trauma center that doesn't power the systems within the hospital. >> which every way you explain
6:31 pm
this it doesn't change the fact that you have hundreds of patients many krcritically i wi being ferried into the eye of the worst storm ever. i can't think of anything worse for a mother than a newborn child being fed down through nine flights of stairs and going out into a hurricane. it begs the question if it happens next year would you have a different system than pumps with oil in the basement? what are the lessons that get learned here so that they don't have to worry about being in the middle of it. >> our evacuation occurred after
6:32 pm
ward. bellevue has never experienced anything like what we experienced on sunday and monday. there is a balance of risk here. and having to do that as a mass evacuation. strength of the hurricane changed rapidly and the hospital was endangered and we shoeltere in place in hurricane hurricane eirene and it is easy to say we should have but had we initiated an evacuation where a patient died in transport we would be
6:33 pm
criticized for doing that. we had 725 patients in the hospital when the storm hit, we now have 260 there. all of the chrritically ill patients are doing fine. we appreciate the national guard which has been unbelievable in terms of their help there. we had to have patients carried down as many as 18 flights of stairs. they are fabulous. >> i'm looking at the pictures and i'm looking at goldman sachs which is downtown on the west side. they are lit up with full power. i'm thinking why would financial institutions be able to have the kind of power facilities and reserve and allow them to keep going but hospitals are having to ferry critically ill people
6:34 pm
and the answer has to be a lack of resource or planning or infrastructure. >> no, because pierce, we are on emergency power at bellevue. it is one thing to keep the computers going. >> it is not enough if you were evacuating people. >> right hospitals are more complex. >> but if i can jump in. is it not your nob as the president to think the unthinkable and isn't this part of the unthinkable a major attack near water. you are based near the water that it is coming and that is part of your job isn't it? >> it is easy to make that judgement from a ring side seat. but when you are in the arena and you have to balance the
6:35 pm
evacuation. this has never been experienced here before. we have robust back up systems. we don't know exact i what occurred in terms of outages to many of the circuits that go through a panel and what happened to the fuel pump. although they were allen cased in sealed enclosure with what were submarine floors. >> michael, what do you think of this? >> you make valid points. but i want to say something in defense of the hospital. i had a loved one in nyu hospital and that is an accident hospital. the staff everybody was wonderful. hospital. >> none of it is about the level of care. i know that the staff there are doing a great job.
6:36 pm
but i'm talking about the infra structure. >> they are set up the reason why the oil is in the basement new york has a history of black outs but it happens to the con-ed system and those were put there so that the hospitals when we have the black outs and the brown outs that they keep going there and they have. no one has experienced this and i want to point out that you say it it unprecedented. when he says it is unprecedented it is going to set the precedent. this is what we are going to see from here on out. that is what is changed here. this is not going to be a freak stint what happened here in new york and new jersey this week. we have been seeing crazy weather for the last few years. >> hold this thought. i want to get to this.
6:37 pm
for now, let me think allen. i appreciate you coming on. i think you know i was going to be critical. i respect the fact that you came on and explained the way that you have. i thank you very much. we will be back after the break. ♪... ♪... ♪... choose the perfect hotel
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i think we would be short sided and i think we need to anticipate more of these extreme weather type situations in the future. >> governor andrew cuomo making clear that america will see more superstorms like sandy. michael bloomberg saying the same thing. >> i think it has got ten worse.
6:42 pm
we are in big trouble and in congress whether or not there is global warming. >> the people the majority of americans believe we have climate problems. >> could it just be a global weather thing that may have happened 500 years ago you get pockets of this and we don't have the records to back that up? >> could it be that? >> i will answer the way that mayor block bergomberg answeredy he did today.
6:43 pm
yeah, what if you were wrong. we weren't prepared. how many times do we have to get punched in the face before we realize that somebody some pupching us in the face. >> chad, is this global warming is there any other explanation? >> it is the prime suspect. i don't have another one. the rain drops the moisture can get on the drops and get bigger, but i think probably sandy would have existed without global warming. the one degree warmer probably made the strong 10% stronger. if you double twind speed from 0 to 40 miles per hour. you have raised the force of the wind and now you are not just
6:44 pm
doubled, you are 16 times where you were. the 10% was enough of an increase to make the whole thing a superstorm. you have to get into was there a block i blocking high over greenland. without that high this storm turning into the oceaocean. >> we've had 50 degree weather here in new york during this storm. i have never heard of a hurricane occurring in 50 degree weather. seriously, if people are thinking this is a freak accident of nature i think that is a sddangerous road to go dow. >> sapdy develops in the tropics. what should have happened it would have turned out to sea but
6:45 pm
that blocking high was there and turned it's back to the united states and the cold air gets sucked up into it and we have ourselves a superstorm. >> you mentioned that the sea ice in greenland is gone. melded. >> do you believe that science is -- >> absolutely. >> what do you say to them? >> these are the same people that say that adam and eve road on doinosaurs. let's say that maybe you are right, but do you want to take the chance that maybe you are not right. what is the harm in preparing or changing our way of life so that we don't dose trestroy the plan. if they are going to want the
6:46 pm
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breaking news on hurricane sandy. live to gary tuchman in hoboken. you are in one of the worst parts of the storm there. we hear as many as 20,000 people in hoboken are still trapped. is that what you are hearing? >> well, piers, the news much more encouraging today than what we heard last night. what we found is this. the national guard has arrived. 45 members of the national guard with 18 vehicles. we went with them behind me through the city for 90 minutes tonight. we can tell you, the water has receded greatly and thousands of people in the buildings. most of them are here because
6:51 pm
they want to stay. the water no more than a foot or two deep right now, old people, elderly people, people infirm are still in buildings, and we went with the national guard, we asked people if we wanted to leave? no, we're happy playing cards, playing dominoes. able bodied are able to walk out on foot. we don't regard this situation as dire, not a life-threatening situation. >> great to hear. something about the stoicism of people, always pretty awe inspiring actually. new yorkers have it new jersey people have it. a lot of people in america have it and around the world. when these things happen, it really is inspiring to see how people react, isn't it? >> i think that is very american thing to do. to pull together. and your first segment. the reporter, jason? is that his name? >> yeah. >> mentioned people were fighting to get on the bus today and other people said, a little
6:52 pm
more of an edge today than a few days after 9/11. where nobody would push or shove or honk a horn. and i think with this, at least with 9/11, we knew there was an enemy, somebody who did this, al qaeda, bin laden, whatever. but who did this? who did this to me? why am i having to walk ten miles to work or fighting to get on the bus? where does my anger go? it won't go toward mother nature. >> do you think from everything you've seen and haeshgd the authorities have done enough? were they prepared enough for this? >> they weren't prepared. but only in the sense that they haven't accepted we are going to have more and more of this, because of the chicago mate change, until they get together on that and work very hard. our infrastructure needs to be upgraded. this hasn't happened.
6:53 pm
>> i heard a very interesting interview. success of new york mayors, governors, and other places, have not done enough to invest in infrastructure to prevent the unthinkable like this. and if they had done, then maybe the barriers wouldn't have been broken and hospitals wouldn't have been evacuated. >> let me throw out something else. why in this country do we have private profit making corporations as our utilities? why put the profit motive in a utility and a monopoly. if you have capitalism, have competing utilities. if you aren't going to do that, why isn't it a government-run operation. any time an entity with a bottomline, they think about how to spend as little as possible and that's why they are not upgrading and we're in the 19th and 20th century with the grid, the whole infrastructure. what is their incentive? they have no competition.
6:54 pm
i think that has to change. we have to get not allow a corporation to be able to control something that affects all our lives. >> a lot of people will be thinking this, especially if they are out of power for another week. one of the reasons this is so important, is the voting, 19 million americans may not vote next week, and your analysis of this is the vast that mormajorid probably vote for barack obama. >> u.s. did a poll in august, and a prediction of 90 million will not vote next tuesday. when they ask people who didn't vote, if you had to vote who would you vote for? and i think the number was 43% would vote for obama, and 18% would vote for romney. the nonvoters are easily 2-1 or 3-1 in favor of obama. so the real challenge i think,
6:55 pm
is this is what i thought. i sent this out to twitter followers and facebook and between my mailing list, i have 5 million people on various social media. i said to all of them today, can you do me the favor? in the next fiver six days, identify somebody who isn't planning on voting and expect them to vote? get them to vote. if we took that as the mission for the next six days. i'll get one nonvoter to vote, and i think that this could add easily another million votes for obama. we don't talk about the unlikely voters, and i would look at this if i were a politician and say, wow, there's 90 million untapped votes there, what can i do. >> let's take a final break. stick around. we'll be back after this. [ male announcer ] the 2013 smart comes with 8 airbags, a crash management system
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and a special guest on the phone. you said earlier, cnn trying to kill. ali velshi, wel.